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Ant-Man easter egg!

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Jubilee X-Men by Ainlina, photo by AJ de Ocampo

Amazing Jubilee cosplay!!

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Quick tip for those who may not know, Kamala Khan’s first name is pronounced ‘Kam-La’ as opposed to ‘Ka-Ma-La’

Might not seem like a big deal, but she’s the first (and thus far only) South Asian superhero to have her own title, and the closest thing some of us have to representation in comics, so I really hope people get her name right :)

Anyway, can’t wait for issue #7!

Good to know about the pronouncement of her name! Thanks.

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Bomb Omb level from Super Mario 64 in Lego!

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A new, female Sorcerer Supreme?

AXIS #5 solicitation line:

The new Sorceress Supreme comes for revenge on Doom.”

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Adrianne Palicki is going to be Mockingbird in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D! I like!!

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Official first look at Paul Rudd as Scott Lang.

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Because I thought it would be very nice if Marvel heroes dance with baby Groot.



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Why, China… did you lose some weight? You look… different.

Why, China… did you lose some weight? You look… different.

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George Perez signed Crisis on Infinite Earths TPB! ALL MINE!!

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The guy who wears green? OH! Green Mario! :D

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DC Characters and their logos.

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Doctor Whos by @philjimeneznyc. This guy is just flat out awesome.

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Scarlet Spider @philjimeneznyc did for a friend. I’m just stunned by the incredible art!!